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Oconomowoc Landscape Supply & Garden Center Topsoil

Our bulk topsoil comes mostly from local developments that have excess topsoil when completed

  • Unscreened / Field Run: $25 per yard

    • Topsoil is directly from the field. It may have clumps, clay, stones, grass and small pieces of sticks in the topsoil.

  • Screened Topsoil: $30 per yard

    • Is our field run soil that has been processed through our topsoil screening plant. Although we use a 9mm harp screen small stones, clay, grass and small sticks may pass thru the screen during the process and remain in the soil.

    • Please Note:  Weed seeds are present in all soils and are part of nature, the topsoil screening plant does not remove them from the soil.

  • Blended Topsoil / Garden Soil: $50 per yard

    • Is a combination blend of 50% topsoil, 25% peat soil and 25% compost.

    • The mixture is then processed thru the topsoil screening plant. Small stones, clay, grass and sticks may pass thru the screen during the process and remain in the mixture.  

  • ​Bulk Compost: $45 per yard ​​​

We also have a variety of bagged products such as Miracle Grow, Gardeners Gold, Bumper Crop and Purple Cow.

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